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Profile – Rosa Anderson-Jones, owner of Barre Base

Rosa attended St Hilda’s from Year 7 (2004-2010), and enjoyed the dance, arts and physical education opportunities during her time there, being involved in school shows, dance troupes and Stage Challenge. After finishing school, Rosa studied media, communications and Māori at Otago University, with the idea to pursue a career in journalism. However, when she finished her studies, she didn’t feel quite ready to leave Dunedin and without any experience in communications and journalism, it was difficult to find employment. Determined to keep learning and moving forward, Rosa mustered up the courage to start Barre Base, a business which offers exercise classes which fuse ballet barre (French for 'bar') conditioning exercises with elements of pilates, yoga, and functional, body-weight training. Rosa and her business partner Tamzin believe strongly in living a balanced and holistic life, so they wanted their brand to reflect this. Instead of emphasising weight loss and improved physical image, Rosa wants to create a message that exercise builds a strong base for all other physical endeavours and wellbeing. The next big step for Barre Base is to move into their own studio in Dunedin (currently classes are held in two rented spaces). Rosa also plans to begin classes in Queenstown. A future goal is to make Barre Base into a purchasable programme, which other gyms, pilates studios or health clinics can implement. Another project on the horizon is their ‘Stretch for Sitters’ programme. ‘Stretch for Sitters’ are stretch and mobility classes aimed at increasing workplace health and fitness. Their aim is to visit work places once a week and offer these classes to staff, to try and eradicate some of the ills that result from sedentary lifestyles.

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