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Profile - Erica Dill-Russell

Erica Dill-Russell (nee Gold) is a research scientist with the Defence Technology Agency. Erica attended Saint Hilda’s from 2002-06 and from there went on to study International Business at Otago University. Following this, she joined the army searching for a bit more training and some cool life experiences. Erica spent 3 years in the Army regular force, deploying to Bamyan Province in Afghanistan as a peacekeeper over this time. During the latter months of her tour in Afghanistan, Erica began her Masters in International Security with a focus on how women contribute on military operations. On her return from Afghanistan, Erica became a civilian working for the New Zealand Defence Force and continued her research into the operational effectiveness of female military personnel. Her research has taken her all over the world presenting and teaching, notably at the Australian Chief of Defence Force Women’s Conference in Australia, The Kofi Annan Peace Training Centre in Ghana and various women’s fora in New Zealand.

She continues to work in this area and is passionate about developing the narrative of women’s contribution to military operations. Her current work is focussed on tracking the capability of the Female Engagement Team within the New Zealand Defence Force.

In addition to her work she is a mum of one, keen runner and bakes for Auckland based charity – Cakes for Kids.

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