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Profile - Fritha McCrimmon-Robinson

Fritha McCrimmon-Robinson (previously Bevin-McCrimmon) attended St Hilda’s from 2002 to 2006, where she immersed herself in the music department and pursued her interests in Graphics, Calculus, Statistics and Physics.

Fritha has held a variety of roles since leaving St Hilda’s and currently balances multiple responsibilities. She is the Civil Water Team Lead and Principal Civil Engineer at Stantec in Christchurch, Chair of Engineering New Zealand Canterbury Branch as well as a being a mother to a 3-year-old girl. In 2019, she was honored to be listed in the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Engineering in 2019 for the UK and Europe. She was also the WISE Award Rising Star Award Winner presented by HRH Princess Anne in 2018. These notable awards are just a fraction of the numerous accolades Fritha has received.

During her final year of university, in 2011, Fritha faced the challenge of the Christchurch earthquake. As a graduate, she joined the Earthquake Rebuild Team as a project engineer, contributing to the management of significant projects involving wastewater, stormwater, fresh water, road construction, and structural construction. In 2015, she expanded her horizons by designing three waters infrastructure in the North East of England for Stantec as part of the Northumbrian Water Framework. Now back in Christchurch, she fulfills the role of Civil Water Team Lead and Principal Civil Engineer at Stantec, leading a team of Civil Water Engineers.

Fritha's commitment to the engineering community extends beyond her workplace. She currently serves as the Chair of the Engineering New Zealand Canterbury Branch and as a Wonder Project Ambassador. She has also held several other leading community roles including the Newcastle Community Leader Representative for Stantec organizing school and community engagement, the ICE Education Panel Member, the North of England Representative and Newsletter Editor for Engineers New Zealand, and Chair of Canterbury Young Engineers for Engineering New Zealand.

Fritha is very passionate about encouraging women into STEM subjects and careers. She strongly believes in empowering young girls by providing them with comprehensive information to make informed decisions about their futures. Her involvement in schools includes organising 'women in engineering' days, sharing insights about her career with students, and actively participating in various events as a dedicated volunteer.


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