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Profile - Jane Patterson

Jane Patterson attended St Hilda's from 1981-1986.

"I started St Hilda’s as a ten year old in Ms Warrington’s Form One and Two class and had six wonderful years at the school as both a day girl and a boarder.

My first clear memory was sitting in the Principal’s office for my interview and mortifying my Mum when answering “Enid Blyton” in a panic to questions about my favourite reading material. It was all uphill from there. One very special part of my schooling was having my lovely Grandma Eileen work in the school library, a constant source of hugs and honey rice bubble cake. Both of my sisters, Sally and Anna, also attended St Hilda’s.

I’ve since gone on to study a BA and then a Broadcasting Degree in Christchurch, and more recently an MBA from Victoria University; my great love is journalism and I’m now Political Editor for RNZ. Based at Parliament I run all of our political coverage and the reporting team in a job that’s in equal parts challenging, rewarding and exciting. It’s incredible how many southerners end up in the halls of power, including of course old girl Katherine Rich (big sis to my very good friend and fellow Form One and Two classmate Amy).

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, interview fascinating people, constantly learn new things and cover national elections and stories that mark the history of New Zealand. I truly value my education at St Hilda’s; not only the academic, but also the fierce competition on the sports field and the encouragement to excel as a young (and now not so young!) woman.

I'm also lucky to have my wonderful family, husband of more than 20 years Donovan and 14 year old basketball-mad Riley who goes to Wellington College."


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