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Profile - Kirby-Jane Hallum

Dr Kirby-Jane Hallum attended St Hilda's from 1998-2002. From Wanaka, Kirby-Jane boarded at St Hilda's and was Head Boarder in 2002. Currently residing in Wellington, she is a Business Partnerships Team Leader, GNS Science. She is also presenting a workshop at the upcoming Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival entitled 'The Language of Flowers' in which she will examine how the language of flowers provided a covert way to write about female desire for writers such a Mary Elizabeth Braddon, who tried to highlight social issues while still conforming to Victorian moral standards.

Describe what you have been up to since you left St Hilda’s:

At St Hilda’s I was the girl who had her nose continuously stuck in a book, which eventually culminated in a PhD in English Literature from the University of Auckland. An academic career teaching professional writing and researching 19th-century literature followed, during which I published a book and a number of articles on the long 19th century, with particular focus on women's and popular literature. I later turned my hand to roles in research management and commercialisation at leading New Zealand universities and research institutions.

Since 2010, I have also managed my own production company, Wolfgang Creative, and have been involved in the script development and professional production of several theatre projects.


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