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Profile - Sarah Perriam

As a leading voice in New Zealand agriculture, Sarah Perriam has worked for over a decade behind & in front of the camera in rural media, recognised for her extraordinary commitment to progressing the conversation of farming food and fashion-forward with an open heart & open mind.

Sarah has led an impressive career well-known from her nation-wide role as a radio host and a rural commentator on the AM Show.

It was through this pivotal part in her career she was thrust into a position of representing the role females play in the growth of agribusiness & global trade whilst balancing an important emotive and educated discussion with our consumers around farming.

Sarah is both a host of the popular show 'Sarah's Country' and businesswomen with her production agency, Perriam Media with a video & radio studio in Canterbury New Zealand.

Perriam Media, with its team based at Tai Tapu in Canterbury, producing visual podcast series for their clients such as Farmlands, Farm Source and a majority of science research organisations to provide knowledge extension to farmers & growers through thought leadership communication.

In 2018, she was named a finalist in the Westpac Women of Influence.

Sarah was a boarder at Tolcarne from 1999 - 2001, when she went private boarding. Sarah was the Board of Trustee’s student representative in 2003 and was an A+ student in Economics a year above her age group. She played basketball for St. Hilda’s Senior A from 2001-2003 and represented St. Hilda’s in rowing at South Island Championships.


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